Lust vs. ___


Love vs. Lust


Lately, few things have been on my mind.

This is what my proffesors used to call ‘brainstorming’.

So here we go…



Attention and lust can definitely be addictive!  No wonder one is based on physical appearance and the other one is considered a sin.


Lust, shallow attractiveness and the results tend to be purely physical, not based on real feelings such as love.

Can it ever somehow develop into mutual love for one another? Does lust has a chance to evolve to love?


When they tell you ‘follow your heart’…what is your heart really telling you? 

How can you know if their feelings are real?

How do you ever know when someone is telling the truth and not trying to get in your pants!


How do you know when they are real and what you feeling is just because you enjoy the attention as a result you get all wrapped up under the spell of lust. 

In your mind, you think : It HAS to be lust when you hardly know someone but when together you don’t want to leave their side…

But once you break apart it starts to feel okay. 

The space and laying on the comfort of your own bed is all that one wishes at the end of the day, right?

At that moment, the thought of that person becomes is a just a memory and good times that are embedded in your memory.

This is definitely one of those things that make you go ‘hmmmm…’


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