a shot at destiny, maybe not..

Attracting the opposite sex can sometimes be more easier than what people tell you.  At least this is what I  have experienced now that am separated and relationship free.
One particular case:
It was a rainy day during the month of June.  My sister and I feeling hungry decide to go get some take out.  After debating if to order in or go outside and get Chinese food we come to the decision to go out despite of the pouring rain.  
Waiting for our food and discussing my latest guy crush when all the sudden with the corner of my eye I spot a car make a U-turn and pull in front of the place.  Standing and facing the store window from the inside I see the man get out of the car and stand in front of the Chinese takeout door as uneasy and debating if to go in or not.  As I continue my conversation I accidentally make eye contact with him.
Apparently all he was waiting  was my eye contact and so he cracks open the door and ask me to step outside.  A bit confused and feeling a bit weird  I automatically say no.  He mentions his car is parked right outside and it would just be a second.  At that moment, he obviously doesn’t realize that making such a point just might scare me more to go outside and risk the chances of being force into a car by a stranger who clearly he is to me!
At least, this is the New Yorker thing and being a female one can never too careful.  He goes on and ask my sister to let him ‘borrow’ me for a second…now, am thinking buddy, that’s he last person to even think would let u take me outside with you!!!..
My sister of course replies: “no, she is not going outside”  
At this moment, am thinking.. is this really happening?…
When he realizes am being either stubborn or scare he comes in to the chinese take out introduces himself and shakes my hand.  All the sudden I feel like am in an interview with the usual uncomfortable questions someone asks when they want to get to know you in a flash of a second.
If I live around the neighborhood, what do i do, if I go to school…etc.
At that moment in my head starts spinning and trying to really capture what is really happening and thinking ‘what is this?! –
As he continues with the questions, I shut him down as politely as I could, regardless the fact he was somewhat okay looking I stop him on his tracks and told him am on a relationship and cannot entertain anything with him.

With that being said, he steps back and says “of course! but I had to try”…and with that perhaps my prince charming left.  

My sister considers him a weirdo right from the bat.  As he gets in his car, makes a U-turn and speeds away .my sister says: “Imagined he would have made a U-turn to just come talk to you!”
there, I point out the fact He DID made a U-turn…shocked she turns and clearly sees him speed away and say “No WAY!!!!”
Then it dawns me what about if I just turned down my Hindu future hubby?!!
She goes on assuring me what he did was bold but never the less weird and just too out of the ordinary.  Clearly he was a stalker perhaps a rapist!
As we walk home I make jokes of how I could have had three weddings since he WAS Hindu.

Lets just say he was somehow normal but believed in making his own destiny and fate. Then again, how often does anyone does that?..You have to be extra bold or desperate.
Definitely not a way to approach someone like me.  Or perhaps  due to this experience, I may be a bit more open to meet someone that way…?  Because after all, am still very new to this and if I did missed the chance of being happily ever after…wait-on second thought…  I like to think he just wasn’t for me.
And in a way, I am also making my own destiny.


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