on to the next one…

Could it be true that if you give up your guard down and have sex, the guy will lose interest? – Not necessarily, it seems it can also happen when referred to them as small time liar and acting their age!

But honestly, I feel if you lied on one small thing, odds are you will lie again. If I am around, you bet I will call you on it. And if you happen to be young, that is what you are. Being shocked by my view on things and catching an attitude doesn’t help the situation either. I say, take it and hopefully see for what it is.
Everyone is entitled to their view on certain things especially if you have previously been lied to. I am opinionated and I seem not to have a problem expressing myself. It works for me and its a productive and healthy way to keep the communication flowing among two people.
Communication and always expressing your thoughts and feelings sometimes can reflect on you as a mean person. I personally view it as my antennas are high and alert. Especially when it comes to men that are attempting to woo me. Lies will get you no where no matter how miniscule the lie may be.
I feel you need to be able to read people and if you see a bad hair of shadyness…put your guard up or keep it moving. I am in a place in my life I crave positive and truthful people around me. If you are not one, keep it moving because I will not have you around me.
Life and things are so much smooth sailing when there is no drama nor concerns. THis is the way I live my life from now. I would like to take a moment and thank those special people who live life as wonderfully as they are beautiful inside. They are full of energy, positive aura and have shown me a bit of how life is meant to be lived.
In one way or another I have always been a picky person but now, I feel am extra picky when it comes to any potential mate. I guess I have open up my eyes on what is important and what qualities I want from my future partner. This, after making a decision of being with someone because of emotional attachment, and not necessarily of being in love. I settled for scraps. Well, I say, no more. I put my foot down and what I want is definitely honesty, respect and consideration above an eternal love for me.
This man will be smart enough to do all he has to do to get my heart and once he gets it treasure it as it was his own. This may sound a bit girly and cheesy but I do know he exists and we will find each other sooner or later. Hopefully it will be soon… đŸ™‚

If you are not that man- I will be moving on to the next one…


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