earthquake experience

Back in 1986 there was a massive earthquake in EL Salvador, I happened to be living there and it caused a lot of changes in my life.
One, I started to experience my six sense as some may call it of seeing and sensing supernatural effects around me.
Second, we moved to a garage section of our living quarters since most of the house was destroyed and eventually we were kicked out.
Third, as a result, my sisters and I were tossed around from uncle’s house to father’s house to New York, US with our estranged mother.

It was a weekend day during the afternoon. Walking thru a hallway, the floor started to shake uncontrollably but me being persistent and not knowing what was happening, continued to hold on to walls and attempted to walk towards my grandmother when all the sudden the shaking ground had the best of me, making me lose complete control over my legs, landed me next to a large rectangle wood table. With in few seconds, the table came tumbling on top of me and landing on my thighs. Good thing I have always had thick cushioning things since I was not seriously injured. The table left me two huge bruises across my things. My sisters, grandmother and uncle, his wife and their two offsprings slept on the streets that night. Feeling the aftershocks that lasted all night. With the shaking of that earthquake, our lives were shaken aswell.
As a result of the quake, the house was no longer livable. My grandmother’s jobs was what you would call house-sitting for more than two decades. The house had its owners history and secrets involving supernatural involvement came alive.
Legend has it that the original house owners had made a pack with the devil and as a result they became wealthy.
As a result maybe, their house was haunted. So, when the house started to fall apart due to the earthquake, spirits were not happy.
And who would they taunt?…me. Being the youngest, I started to hear, see and experience all the weird things spirits do for one reason or another which is still alien to me.
Ofcourse that was scary and shocking for me being so young. I felt evil since I was the only one being sort of chased.
The house was no longer valuable, my grandma lost her job as a sitter. We (sister and I) moved in with an abusive, alcoholic uncle who clearly didn’t want us around. My Grandmother resulted hospitalized due to her diabetes. My two sisters and I ended up moving with out estranged father who already had a family of his own. We were obviously not wanted either and took us mainly because my mother would send her dollars.
He bare us for a year maybe since now, dates are blurry to me.
All I know, July 1988 we were in New York. With in one week living with my mother whose identity was strange to me considering she left El Salvador when I was barely two years old. I realized my life had changed and it was fucked up!

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