healthy thinking…

Reading is healthy for the soul and the mind. Now, reading something with a meaning and a message could be life changing.

Currently I am finishing a book that has embedded me with a new aspect in life.
All healthy of course.

I think everyone needs to read to be entertained but is so refreshing when a book makes you think. And not think like when you were in school…but things you actually enjoy!

I feel renewed when what am reading keeps my mind opening with every page. I luv it!
I even when to the extend to buy it for one of my friends that tends to attract drama in her life. (my opinion)
Why does she does it to herself is beyond me. I personally feel my life right now is pretty good and the view of my life situation is A-Okay.
But now with my new literature it just gave me confirmation of the way I am embracing life and conducting myself is the way it should be.

This doesn’t mean that I am perfect since I know I am not. But reading does make you go hmmm and perhaps a better person?…. 🙂

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