onions and relationships…there is a similarity

You want to give people the benefit of the doubt. How can you know if someone you are ‘dating’ is telling you the truth?
“you can sense it”- some friends have said to me.
But what about if he is good liar?…
“Dont be so negative!”- is their reply.
AM I being really negative? Or just cautious?
I personally like to think am cautious. Not negative.
Can being cautious prevent you from opening up? Or will your feelings and emotions slowly turn up slowly?
layer by layer…just as an onion. Both will leave you crying.
I guess thats a good analogy since the onion, the more you peel it the more it makes you cry. Just like when you open yourself to a new relationship and when it doesnt turn out good, your emotions get the best of you leaving you probably crying.


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