So its done. I am officially a divorced woman. Upon opening my mailbox, and coming across my empty envelope from the court directing me to go back to NY court , room _ and pay $8 for a notarized copy of my divorce, my heart sunk. Then in shocked and awe I walked to my apt door and couldn’t help but to feel happy and disappointed at the same time.
Finally, my strings with my past lover were completely finished.
I now belonged to a different set of women classifications. Now, when filling out a questionnaire that requests status and asks to check a box, it no longer ‘single’. Instead it will be ‘divorced’. uyyy…It somehow makes me feel old.
If you would have asked me July 2009 how I saw my future, I would have sworn by this time this year I would have probably pregnant with my first child. Life never plans out like you expect it. This is clearly an example of that. Regardless, I am happy and after all, this is what I wanted after separating.
After shouting to my sister: “hey, am officially a divorcee!” all the sudden couldn’t help but to think: “damn, am too broke to throw that divorced party right now…”

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