when tipsy- any news is shocking

So you can’t read my poker face especially thru the phone…I kept my cool.
At least that’s what I think.
So, it’s been months since my divorce was final and I have wished my ex happy holidays and this past week I decided to call him just to say hi. He informed me he has a girl friend.
I blame my reaction on being tipsy and alone waiting for a damn bus too long.
Any who, I kept my cool and told him good for him and hope all works out. But it was a different story once the conversation finished.
Waterfalls took over my eyes and I just couldn’t stop them. At that moment, I kept thinking : why the hell am I crying? then : this fucker found love and will probably get married before me!
Not once I realized better her than me. Or the fact I made the decision to leave him.
45 minutes later I finally made it home with the most puffy eyes I have ever experience out in public. Shared the news with one of my sisters and came with the conclusion I was a mess because it was one of those off guard things- I was just surprised he told me. So being unexpected news was the results of my emotions (my justification)- Also, lets not forget the fact I have recently switched my birth control so that has me hormonal, aka sensitive. 🙂
I am also dating but not once I thought of sharing my news with him. Now I can’t help but wonder why…
But the story gets better when I get a text and see a missed call from him inviting me for lunch or dinner the next day. The reason: up to this day unknown since I declined.
THAT would have been really ridiculous. One thing is quick phone call another thing is actually spending time together.
I have no intentions and I can guarantee that was my last call to him.

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