Time After

For a while now, I even had forgotten I had started a secret blog full of silly and crazy killing time thoughts. (Thanks to that special friend who inscribed me)
Just yesterday I revisited my entries and realized wow! ok… I really had all these emotions after being a newly divorced huh? Its been a while and I definitely think blogging helped.
Its been 3 years now of singleness and I have learned a lot about myself. And on course of that, I have become this new person. The best part is that as any human being, one continues to evolve and growing with the years. Others call that old age. Not me. I call it becoming wiser. The more you reflect, the wiser you become. (or one can hope)

This blog and my personal journal helped me with the dark feelings, sad emotions and just pondering of who I was becoming or evolving. Perhaps I should continue…

Up until now I have never considered letting anyone that is close or even knows me to read any of these entries. I guess that’s a fraction of an example on how I have changed~


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