I am so bored out of my mind that I don’t know where to start.  Currently at work, slow Friday which is good but at the same time makes my day drag.  

I browse the internet for deals and things I don’t need.  Such a waste of money if I do end up buying anything.  I can always entertain my self by the everyday casual flirt with a co-worker that seems to have the hots for me, but too much of that is bad.

So this is why I decided to blog about nothing.  

This reminds me: He has not called.  He has not text.  I do miss him but I wont call him.  He is def not worth not even for casual encounter.  I have to repeat that to myself to keep from calling or texting him.  Sad and embarrassed to accept it.  I need to start dating but then again, I really dont want to.  I want the man of my dreams to find me.  Im tired of trying find ways of seeking him.  On line dating is so redundant and I really have lost the eagerness.  I dont know why I even signed up.  I am a hot mess.


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