Where art thou My Superman? Not on Online sites!

As a single lady, I have experienced what it is to meet men thru on line websites.  It has become very popular and in some cases very successful.  Not for me.

I did the Match.com for a year and went on few dates.  The outcome:  No man, but it was definitely a learning experience.  It gave me the balls and confidence to put myself out there and overcome my shyness.  I also learned men lie a lot about their height!  Very disappointing…Overall, I had good dinners, drinks and conversations but nothing more.

Took a break and decided to give it another shot.  So I tried eharmony.com for one month and I have to say, it was definitely $20 wasted.  I learned that men from eharmony lie about their age!  Never went on any date with anyone to find out if they also lie about their height like the ones from match.com.

So there you have it –

After no luck, You probably think I would give up.  I sort of did give up but a girl needs entertainment…so I heard about free sites!

Mingle2.com- hmmm..where should I start.  Men there look so much older than their profile age. I already had my skepticism that these type of men don’t like to tell their real age but it becomes way to obvious when they claim to be 38 but somehow, there is a picture of their father!  You also have those who want to privately chat with you while on line and their location: India!!!  Or even worst part is those who continue looking at your profile everyday and send emails once a week without me answering one! Stalkers. What I learned from this site is that when online dating is free- all types of shit can go down.  Not pretty.  Not for me.  Not even for shits and giggles.

But the most cynical and loathing site is the one created for men and women to have affairs!  Ashley Madison.com -Whatever happened to ” I need to hide my ring” I know, I know,.. still shitty message but at least it probably gives some kind of knowledge to the other person there is something wrong and they know it.  Anywho- yes, I joined that site with with no intentions to meet anyone meaningful but to scope the type of men there.  Well, I have to say, according to their pictures, the ratio of good looking went up.  But the fact that they are under ” in a relationship” or “married” category, its just despicable, disgusting and just wrong.  I found myself profoundly repulsed by all those men despite of their looks, income, etc…I never even uploaded a picture and had so many hits for being a Hispanic female, 5’2″, petite/toned, dark hair, dark eyes.  Men were sending me their “private photos”! and one very disturbing of his nasty bonny body! ugh…

On line dating may work for some women, am definitely not one of them.  And it doesn’t have to do with me being a picky person.  I know what am looking for in a guy.  And I want what I want.  Under 5 feet height, body odor, no plans of family and kids, pretentious and cheap no need to apply. 🙂





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