IVY and Me

I have come to the conclusion DC Comics’ Poison Ivy and I may have something in common after all.  She is one of Batman’s enemies.  Me, I have no luck with men.  She is a fatal beauty that doesn’t find love perhaps because she kills any man with her lethal kisses.  I, on the other hand, don’t kill the bastards but when I kiss them something tends to happen that I apart myself from them or they change their behavior so I dismiss them.  Unconsciously, there is a reason that this year i picked Poison Ivy as my costume for Halloween costume!

Everything seems to go nice and dandy and somehow by the 2nd or 3rd date, I kiss them and poof! they become something from my past. 

Recently there was this Irish guy- no names. I respect their identity as well as mines, kinda embarrassing.  We went on our first date and I told him there was no spark and rather be friends if he is up for it.  He got mad and couldn’t believe my straight forwardness.  So after few weeks he kept insisting to hang out.  We finally did and it was actually nice.  I thought to myself: perhaps I was being too fast on not giving this guy a chance.  So a week went by and he asked me out again.  I had a great time with him so why not?  Dinner and then went on a double date with a friend of mines and toward the end of the night, that’s when he starting to act himself I guess..? (not in a good way)  Now I think he thought because we kissed, he figured I would be attach to his hip (BTW, It was a very feminine kiss- not manly enough for me)  When we were leaving the lounge, he just picked up and left and accused me of yelling at him.  He must have thought I was going to chase him to ask what was wrong but I kept walking with my friends instead.  I was stunned and knew I didn’t do such thing.  He apologized the next day and asked to forgive him..you can guess the results of his actions.  He obviously showed me he was a immature and not the type of man I would like in my life not even to waste time.

So there you go.  This is an example how my kiss was maybe a bad move in this case since it made him think he ‘had me’.  A guy two months ago did a similar thing as well.. that case was because I kissed him and he figure I would tolerate him canceling me last minute prior to our 3rd date. You can guess what happened there too.

Poison Ivy and I posses similar traits and I like it.  Oh yes, did I mention Halloween celebration is in Vegas  this year?…Vegas, here I come! 😀

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