Monthly Archives: January, 2013


Growing up, I always imagined myself doing something in the creative world.  Somehow somewhere, I lost track and now I work at a desk job and even though am thankful I have a job, its not a career.  And odds are that most likely my next job will probably be something similar since I am already stuck …

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Could it be him?

So a while back I had said I wanted either Superman or no one.  I am one of those women that write down things and make a list of things they want including characteristics in their men.  I call it ” My Criteria” and yes, I carry it with me.  No, not on my wallet …

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Poison and Cat.jpg

Halloween in Vegas A very well know phrase when talking about Vegas “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” So am not going to go into specifics of my last all girls Vegas trip Oct 2012. As any trip, it was full of fun times and I discovered that I am a bit more bold …

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