Could it be him?

So a while back I had said I wanted either Superman or no one.  I am one of those women that write down things and make a list of things they want including characteristics in their men.  I call it ” My Criteria” and yes, I carry it with me.  No, not on my wallet like you may be thinking..its on one of my Cell Phone Notes.

Last time I read it was because I was showing it to someone.  I was grabbing a drink with a guy that I thought was cute but too young for me.  I think I showed it to him because he asked me what I am looking for and was wondering why I was still single. So I whipped it out and had him read it. In a way to maybe prove him how specific I am about what and who I’m looking for.  Now that I look back, maybe it was me unconsciously shooing him away as well. 

Two months have passed and him and I have been hanging out more that I ever expected.  Last night, I found myself reading my criteria and analyzing it to that same guy!  Something I thought I would have never done 2 months ago. 

Life does work mysteriously and now am thinking even though he doesn’t meet everything on that list, he meets most of those things.  I wonder if he is my Superman that came out of nowhere.


To be continued…


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