receiving my NY court envelope informing me of my finalized marriage


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Its a word association world for me

Reading other people’s blog is very entertaining I have to say until you find a word, or a person who could be someone you perhaps know…
I wont say details but reading a post today, I came across the word Swissknive.
This triggered the memory when I found the explicit chats between my soon to be ex-husband and his lover. Any who, he used swissknive as a name for his penis. Is that something men do? Label their privates as knives???
This was something that left me wondering…so when I confronted him he said it was just a saying. huh

So now, I wonder If I will always associate specific words to him and his language? It also doesn’t help that I was with the dude almost 13 years…
I mean, I don’t want to completely forget him which I think it’s ‘freaking impossible!’ (also a term from one of our favorite movies, Half Baked)

But I do wish sometimes I can have a conversation, read something, remember a time of my life with out the melancholic memories that involved him. THat’s it! I don’t mind remembering him. But I do have a problem when those memories turn out to be a bit sentimental or full of resentment.

onions and relationships…there is a similarity

Being a bad relationship is similar to peeling an onion with no protective eye googles…

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healthy thinking…

live in the now

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earthquake experience

Someone’s world can be literally turned upside down as a result of mother natures ways

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what is your prerogative?…

Ideal way to get to know someone from two different views. Traditional and not so traditional aspects. To each its own, my prerogative: depends what one seeks.

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on to the next one…

Honesty is very important in any relationship. If a person lies, take it as a red flag on what would come in the future. This just venting on what I don’t need and what I want from a potential mate.

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a shot at destiny, maybe not..

What can be the right way of approaching someone who you are attracted to?

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Lust vs. ___

Brainstorming on why we are attracted to lust and can it ever develop into something meaningful such as love…

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